"We choose to go to the moon." - JFK
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Promoting the Future of Travel with Amazing Graphic Design

Between 1935 and 1943, the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art project commissioned posters to stir the public's imagination for the national parks and other tourist destinations.  NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) design studio has taken that idea and played homage to the iconic posters by releasing their own travel posters to other planets.

First, they released a set of exoplanet designs.  Most recently, the JPL design studio teamed up with Don and Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature.  They were commissioned to create posters for Mars, Enceladus (a moon of Saturn), and the Grand Tour, in which a spacecraft is rocketed through abstract planets, similar to airline ads you might've seen in the 1950s.

The strong colors, lines, and modernist typography reflect the the graphic design found in the original WPA posters.  These refreshing, retro interpretations of future tourist sites will surely be a hit in living rooms and class rooms.

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Intergalactic and extraplanetary travel has been on people's minds even before the first moon landing over 45 years ago, however a new excitement has emerged, and we are glad to see it translated into beautiful works of art through these posters.